Iowa Primary Care Association and Luminary Create Videos Highlighting Community Health Centers

February 28, 2024

Across the country, we are seeing increased demand for health center services. Health centers in Iowa are reporting waitlists for several service areas. And at the same time, workforce capacity and competition among provider groups remain a top concern and are limiting health centers’ ability to care for patients, especially those in under-resourced communities. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these issues, putting an increased strain on the health center workforce.

Despite these challenges, community health centers continue to be leaders in providing comprehensive, affordable, accessible care while striving for health equity for all. In Iowa, nearly 245,000 Iowans receive care from a community health center.

To support the work of Iowa’s community health centers, the Iowa Primary Care Association (Iowa PCA) set the goal to find solutions to workforce shortages and barriers. The Iowa PCA’s Workforce Impact Team (WIT), which includes cross-functional team members from Iowa’s community health centers, identified the need for an engaging recruitment tool that could be distributed easily statewide.

Working with Luminary, an 18-time regional EMMY award-winning production company, the Iowa PCA completed a video project to highlight the employment opportunities and amazing work being done at Iowa’s community health centers. Each of the six videos will be utilized by Iowa’s community health centers across their platforms and by the Iowa Community Health Recruitment Center.

Check them out!