"Donut Stress, Just Test" Accepted as Poster Presenter

November 16, 2022

The “Donut Stress, Just Test” campaign was accepted as a poster presenter at SYNC 2022, a national conference connecting dynamic healthcare and public health audiences to effectively address HIV, hepatitis C (HCV), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), LGBTQ+ health, harm reduction, and health equity.

The conference runs from December 6 to December 8 and will feature six live plenary sessions, on-demand trainings and courses, a poster hall, and online networking opportunities. Some of the diverse topics to be discussed include:

  • Ending epidemics
  • Biomedical innovations
  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Federal healthcare agency updates 
  • SYNCing syndemics (HIV, HCV, STIs, and Opioids)
  • Community engagement
  • Emerging pandemics and syndemics (COVID-19, MPX)
  • Aging and chronic disease management
  • Black women’s health
  • Transgender health
  • Social determinants of health

We are excited to be part of such a robust and relevant conference and to share our campaign with a national audience. More information about SYNC 2022 can be found on their website. Registration for the conference is now open!

The “Donut Stress, Just Test” campaign raises awareness and promotes the CDC recommendations for HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and STI screening. Follow us on //www.tiktok.com/@donutstressjusttest?lang=en">TikTok!