Better Together - Celebrating 35 Years

January 30, 2023

We’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Iowa Primary Care Association (Iowa PCA)! Since 1988, the Iowa PCA has provided training and technical assistance to Iowa’s community health centers to support their ongoing commitment to meet community needs by providing quality, affordable primary and preventive healthcare.

As part of the community health center movement, the Iowa PCA stemmed from a common belief among healthcare professionals that everyone deserves high-quality, affordable healthcare and that community health centers should be places of “first choice, not last resort.”

In the spring of 1987, a group of primary care providers, with the help of the United States Public Health Service Region VII in Kansas City, came together to discuss ideas, challenges, and successes that their clinics were facing in providing care to under-resourced Iowans and supporting their communities. This group of primary care personnel worked in the healthcare field during the first expansion of the health center movement. On March 22, 1988, they officially created an association.

Over the course of 35 years, the Iowa PCA has contributed greatly to improving the health of Iowans. In our 35th year, we will continue our evolution to provide the best care possible and to respond to the ever-changing healthcare system.

Happening in 2023:

  • In a new, unique national model, 11 of Iowa’s community health centers will implement a top of class EHR solution, OCHIN Epic, to connect community health centers across the state.
  • We will continue to advance our work in the health equity space with a network-wide Unified Health Equity Implementation Plan.
  • We will advocate to support community health center patients, staff, and communities, including protecting access to affordable medications through the 340B Drug Pricing Program,
  • We will support Iowa community health centers’ workforce by addressing shortages throughout the state, including by investing in recruitment and retention strategies, training, and loan repayment.

We are grateful for our patients, staff members, community partners, state partners, sponsors, state legislators, and Members of Congress for continuing to support Iowa’s community health centers and for your commitment to our network as we work toward our vision of health equity for all.