Rural Healthcare and Community Health Centers: Documentary Screening and Discussion

October 16, 2019

Iowa, like the rest of the nation, is grappling with how to how to keep healthcare affordable and accessible. These issues tend to be even starker in rural communities. Community health centers across the country are demonstrating that care be provided to all people in a more cost-effective yet higher quality manner. Access to affordable, value-driven primary care is the solution.

The Iowa Primary Care Association is hosting a free screening of the award-winning documentary, The Providers, on Tuesday, October 22 at 7pm at the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines. The event will be an opportunity to learn how one community health center in rural New Mexico is tackling these issues and what we might learn to enhance our efforts in Iowa.

This award-winning film takes an in-depth look at the current challenges and opportunities in healthcare such as the opioid epidemic, Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT), physician shortages, management of chronic conditions, the use of technology such as Project ECHO, and more.

Following the conclusion of the screening, Chris Ruge, a nurse practitioner featured in the film and originally from Fort Dodge, will join us for a discussion about the film, the role community health centers can play in addressing healthcare access issues in rural Iowa, and how Iowans can contribute to this national dialogue and take action to make positive change.

What: The Providers Documentary Screening and Discussion

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Fleur Cinema, 4545 Fleur Drive, Des Moines

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the physician shortage and opioid epidemic in rural America, The Providers follows three healthcare providers in northern New Mexico. They work at El Centro, a group of safety-net clinics that offer care to all who walk through the doors, regardless of ability to pay. Amidst personal struggles that reflect those of their patients, the journeys of the providers unfold as they work to reach rural Americans who would otherwise be left out of the healthcare system. With intimate access, the documentary shows the transformative power of providers’ relationships with marginalized patients.

Host: Iowa Primary Care Association
The Iowa Primary Care Association (Iowa PCA) has provided technical assistance and training to Iowa’s community health centers to support their ongoing commitment to provide quality, affordable primary and preventive health care to meet community needs since 1988. The Iowa PCA is a non-profit membership association comprised of 13 community health centers and one migrant health program. These organizations collectively serve more than 216,000 Iowans each year through almost 780,000 patient visits.