Heart Month

March 05, 2019

Although the CDC reports that 1 in every 3 deaths is caused by either heart disease or stroke, many of us overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy heart. During the month of February, fourteen community health centers promoted heart health awareness throughout Iowa as they work to combat heart disease.

To have a healthy heart, diet, exercise, and frequent screenings are all crucial to prevent heart disease. Statistics have shown that heart health is inversely related to socioeconomic status and certain ethnic groups. Iowa’s community health centers work to fill gaps in underserved areas by providing quality care for over 216,000 Iowans.

Here’s a snapshot of what Iowa’s health centers have done to promote healthy hearts.

Peoples Community Health Clinic

People Community Health Clinic, based in Waterloo, IA ran a mini-campaign about heart health. As a health center, they encouraged patients to schedule appointments with their primary care provider after they were educated on factors that increase the risk of heart disease.

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa staff members all wore red on Feb. 1 to educate and create awareness about women’s risk to heart disease.

Promise Community Health Centers

Promise Community Health Center promoted heart health onsite and online with educational articles on how to prevent heart disease and with a social media campaign.

Promise for heart blog

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care promoted heart health with a red heart campaign where staff shared wisdom to patients.