A Routine Screening Campaign to Promote HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI Screening

The Donut Stress, Just Test campaign is designed to raise awareness and promote the CDC recommendations for HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and STI screening. It has been recognized as a HRSA promising practice and was presented at the HRSA 2022 PCA Ending HIV Epidemic Virtual Summit as a non-funded EHE PCP. It was also a poster presenter at SYNC 2022, a national conference connecting dynamic healthcare and public health audiences to effectively address HIV, hepatitis C (HCV), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), LGBTQ+ health, harm reduction, and health equity. This campaign is for community health center patients and staff.

What's the Why?

  • HIV, STIs, and HIV disproportionately affect communities that receive care from community health centers
  • Community health centers provide services not always found in primary care settings
  • It can reduce barriers to linkage to ongoing care
  • It can provide additional opportunities for screenings

Campaign Goals

  • Ensuring early detection and treatment for HIV, HCV, and STIs
  • Reducing stigmas by making screening part of routine visits/care
  • Reducing patients' risk of co-morbidity
  • Reducing barriers for ongoing care for HIV and HCV patients
  • Promoting linkage to clinical and prevention services
  • Reducing transmission of HIV, STIs and HCV in Iowa