Provider Spotlight: Alyssa Spilski, DDS

July 01, 2021

Over the last year, the Iowa PCA Recruitment Center placed 25 providers at community health centers across the state. Alyssa Spilski, DDS is one of those providers and was recruited by Angela Benjegerdes, our Recruitment Specialist. Learn more below about why Alyssa chose to practice at Primary Health Care, Inc.

What made you decide to come to a community health center?

I chose to come to a community health center because I am passionate about giving back to my community. Dentists have such a unique, special skill set that has an immediate impact on a person. Using those skills, I knew I wanted to help those in need the most, as I can understand how finances and barriers to care affect individuals.

Why should others choose a community health center?

I think others should choose a community health center because it is a very rewarding experience. Community health centers can be few and far between and those who work at them give back to patients, that in a lot of cases, have nowhere else to go. It is also a very eye-opening experience. Dentistry has many sides and can be very glamorous with cosmetic procedures and smile makeovers, but another side is taking away someone’s pain. This alone, with at times a simple and straightforward procedure, makes a true impact on someone’s life and helps them get through their day-to-day. This side of dentistry is a lot of what we offer at community health centers.

What keeps you coming to work every day at PHC?

The patients and giving back to them. I love being able to make a direct impact on a person’s life and seeing the transformation of their oral health as well as improving their opinion on coming to the dentist over time. To be able to change someone’s day or life is such a great opportunity I am given every time I come to work.


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