Promise CHC Transforms Building’s Focus From Bowling Pins to People

Here is an artist’s rendering of what Promise Community Health Center’s building will look like following the completion of an exterior renovation project. Construction is expected to start soon on the project Here is an artist’s rendering of what Promise Community Health Center’s building will look like following the completion of an exterior renovation project. Construction is expected to start soon on the project
July 23, 2017

Years ago, the sounds of bowling pins clattering and people laughing echoed through the building. These days, people might hear the tiny cries of a newborn baby or the reassuring voice of a nurse.Since opening nine years ago, Promise Community Health Center has gradually transformed what was once an old bowling alley building into a fully functioning, comprehensive health center in downtown Sioux Center.

The latest evolution of Promise’s facilities is underway.

This spring, the health center completed a 2,200-square-foot interior expansion and remodeling project that filled the remaining available space in the building. Later this summer, a major exterior renovation project will convert the deteriorating, yellow, steel exterior of the building into a much more inviting and modern facade.

Nancy Dykstra, executive director for Promise, said the projects are positive signs of Promise’s growth as it fulfills its mission in the community.

“I believe that Promise Community Health Center will continue to thrive and be a place of service to all who need us now and into the future,” she said. “Everyone is welcome at Promise.” conf Promise Community Health Center staff participate in a training about human trafficking in the new community education/conference room. Promise recently completed an expansion project that filled the remaining available portions of its building.

The interior expansion project included a much larger community education/conference room, two patient rooms and two offices.

The larger meeting room – which is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, cabinets and a large multimedia screen – provides adequate space for Promise to conduct all-staff meetings and trainings and to host group education sessions, presentations and meetings for community members.

The vision/eye care program will move into one of the exam rooms in the near future, and the second exam room will allow for future growth. The two new offices are occupied by the executive director and chief financial officer.

The project also involved the remodeling and reuse of existing spaces. The former conference room has been divided into four office cubicles – with two allocated to the family planning nurse educator and medical records specialist and two for future staff growth.

A workstation also was freed up for the new nurse health coach in the clinical setting – ensuring that she is accessible and available to the medical team and that the services are integrated. The director of operations and clinic manager now have their own offices instead of sharing one.

conf.jpg“The expansion project will allow our new services to grow and current services to function more efficiently and effectively,” Dykstra said. “The expansion provides onsite opportunities for staff education, training and an enhanced work environment.”

Construction for Promise’s exterior renovation project is expected to commence soon.

The exterior walls will be refaced with brick on the bottom third and an EIFS finish on the top two-thirds. A new front doorway and new floor-to-ceiling windows will be installed to bring in additional daylight to Promise’s reception area. The awnings over Promise’s front and back entrances will be replaced with a modern lighted feature. Sidewalks in front of the building will be reconstructed to enhance safety. The roof will be repaired.

The project was made possible due to many donations from individuals and businesses in the community during a $250,000 capital campaign, which was launched during Promise’s eighth annual “An Evening of Promise” Celebration and Fundraiser on Nov. 3. “Improving the exterior of the building for Promise is an exciting project for many reasons, but most of all, I believe it says to the community that the services and resources of a federally qualified health center are vital to a diversifying and healthy community,” Dykstra said. “I believe our patients, staff and the greater community can take pride in a building that is welcoming and inviting.”