Iowa Community Health Centers Receive Recognition for High-Quality Care, Improving Access, and More

August 31, 2020

There is rare political agreement that our healthcare system should reward high quality patient outcomes rather than paying solely for the number of patient appointments a provider schedules. This is often referred to as the shift from volume to value. Community health centers (CHCs) are already known for providing high quality care at lower costs than other providers. Like last year, Iowa’s CHCs have been awarded multiple Quality Improvement Awards (QIA) by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Federally mandated and compelled by their mission to treat anyone, regardless of insurance status or ability pay, Iowa’s CHCs treated more than 226,000 patients in 2019 at 86 delivery sites across the state. As they have had to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, these awards are a testament to the value CHCs provide in Iowa and across the country.  

Awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the QIAs are focused on key quality measures and patient outcomes. Some are also awarded based on quality improvements from last year to the present. The various categories that CHCs are recognized for are:

  • Improving cost-efficient care delivery 
  • Increasing quality of care 
  • Reducing health disparities 
  • Increasing the number of patients served 
  • Increasing patients’ ability to access comprehensive services 
  • Advancing the use of health information technology (HIT) 
  • Achieving patient-centered medical home (PCMH) recognition 

Altogether, Iowa CHCs received awards totaling $1,297,725. 

Two CHCs were also recognized for being national leaders in health outcomes. Community Health Centers of Southeastern Iowa and Siouxland Community Health Center received National Quality Leaders awards, placing them in the top 1-2% of all community health centers nationally. In a pool of more than 1,400 CHCs, that’s a great achievement and strong testament of the quality care they provide to their communities. Eight of our CHCs are Health Center Quality Leaders, placing them in the top 30% or higher for overall clinical performance.  

This year’s QIAs are especially meaningful. As a result of COVID-19, our CHCs have faced a multitude of challenges including significant drops in patient visits and revenue to support their services. But CHCs continue to be a beacon of hope during times of uncertainty. By providing safe, affordable, and high quality care, CHCs will ensure access for vulnerable populations both during and beyond the pandemic.  These awards remind us that even in a Public Health Emergency, CHCs will continue to lead the way in quality and outcomes, putting patients over profits. 

List of QIA recipient community health centers in Iowa. 

Community Health Center Main Administrative Office Awards Total Grant Money Received
All Care Health Center  Council Bluffs Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition $35,750
Community Health Care  Davenport Clinical Quality Improvers, Health Center Quality Leaders, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $165,587
Community Health Center of Fort Dodge  Fort Dodge Clinical Quality Improvers, Health Center Quality Leaders, Access Enhancers, Health Disparities Reducers, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $153,512
Community Health Centers of Southeastern Iowa West Burlington Health Center Quality Leaders, National Quality Leaders, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $148,532
Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa  Leon Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $45,750
Crescent Community Health Center  Dubuque Clinical Quality Improvers, Health Center Quality Leaders, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $77,343
Eastern Iowa Health Center Cedar Rapids Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $38,250
People’s Community Health Clinic  Waterloo Clinical Quality Improvers, Health Center Quality Leaders, Access Enhancers, Health Disparities Reducers, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $158,935
Primary Health Care Des Moines Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $65,750
Promise Community Health Center  Sioux Center Clinical Quality Improvers, Health Center Quality Leaders, Advancing HIT for Quality  $43,017
Proteus Inc.  Des Moines Advancing HIT Quality $2,500
River Hills Community Health Center  Ottumwa Health Center Quality Leaders, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $87,672
Siouxland Community Health Center  Sioux City Health Center Quality Leaders, National Quality Leaders, Access Enhancers, Health Disparities Reducers, Advancing HIT for Quality, PCMH Recognition  $266,877
United Community Health Center  Storm Lake Advancing HIT for Quality $8,250