Iowa Community Health Center Receives National Distinction for Hypertension Control

November 22, 2019

Cardiovascular diseases, broadly encompassing stroke and heart conditions that narrow or block blood vessels, are among the deadliest conditions in the United States. One in three deaths in the U.S. is due to cardiovascular disease and on average, one American dies from a stroke every four minutes. These conditions and deaths are painful, costly, and treatable. Just a few days ago, the Community Health Centers of Southeastern Iowa (CHC/SEIA) received national distinction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its work to control blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

The Million Hearts initiative began in 2012 as a national effort to prevent one million cardiovascular (CV) events in five years. A highlight of this was the Hypertension Control Challenge. Individual clinicians, practices, and health systems can apply and describe their approach to control hypertension within their entire adult patient population aged 18-85. CHCSE/IA was one of 17 Champions across the United States that achieved blood pressure control in 80% or more of their patients. It joins the ranks of 118 Hypertension Control Champions across 37 states since the Challenge’s inception.

The CHC/SEIA’s practice will now serve as a public exemplar for health systems across the country. The CDC shares their Champions’ strategies on the Million Hearts website to educate and encourage others on how to improve heart health and prevent these dangerous CV conditions. We are so proud, if a little unsurprised, that the Community Health Centers of Southeastern Iowa has received this recognition. They continue to improve the care and condition of their patients in everything they do. Congratulations!