INConcertCare Data Analytics Insight - Arcadia Analytics

September 13, 2023

INConcertCare is creating data connections and improving personalized care through our electronic health record and Arcadia Analytics. 

According to Forbes, a leading 2023 health care trend is that “improving access to health data will improve personalized care". Research has shown that personalized care delivery can optimize health outcomes, strengthen provider-patient relationships, and reduce healthcare costs. INConcertCare is making personalized patient care easier for our direct care providers at the point of care with our electronic health record and Arcadia Analytics system. Within the Arcadia Analytics system, we are creating data connections between payor data (Iowa Medicaid and Medicare Fee-For-Service) and our electronic health record.

Combining health care data from all locations where a patient has received care creates an integrated and comprehensive patient health history. Arcadia Analytics combines all the data sent through electronic health records and payor claims files, providing an easy-to-understand data visualization of education and services needed to improve patient outcomes. The system also calls attention to significant events or recent medication changes, helping providers understand the whole patient.

INConcertCare is a sister company of the Iowa Primary Care Association and IowaHealth+. Through INConcertCare, Iowa's community health centers receive assistance around health information technology (HIT). By using data analytics and population health management, health centers are coordinating resources and analyzing data to build stronger partnerships with payors and other organizations to help eliminate fragmented care.

To learn more, please contact Michaela Holmes or visit the Members Resources SharePoint site if you are one of our members.