Enhancing Belonging: Iowa PCA Inclusion Council

September 23, 2021

Health equity for all. This important statement serves as the vision guiding our work. As the Iowa Primary Care Association and our member community health centers collaborate together to transform the healthcare system and towards achieving this vision, the Iowa PCA is intentionally building an internal culture that celebrates and fosters Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We've also made the commitment to focus on the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion -- belonging. 

Belonging at the Iowa PCA is:  ​

  • Gaining an understanding and respecting the unique characteristics that each person brings to our organization​ 
  • More trusting relationships and a sense of safety and connectedness for our team members​ 
  • An environment of fairness and equitable treatment for all those we interact with -- our team members, community health center members, vendors, partners, and patients​ 
  • Celebrates the intrinsic value of humanity in all its forms​ 
  • Progress toward our vision of “health equity for all” leading to better health outcomes, particularly for under-resourced populations and people disadvantaged by discrimination or with access to fewer opportunities​ 

We're thrilled to announce our inaugural Iowa PCA Inclusion Council. Appointed members​ will serve on the council from September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022. These members provide many perspectives and experiences across our entire organization. Members include:

  • Nancy Adrianse, Transformation ​ 
  • Julie Baker, Transformation​ 
  • Angela Benjegerdes, Finance & Administration​ 
  • Anthony Damrow, Data & Technology​ 
  • Sarah Dixon, Partnership & Development​ 
  • Maggie Koenig, Communications ​ 
  • Gagandeep Lamba, Transformation​ 
  • Felicia Pinero, Data & Technology​ 
  • Monick Reese, Data & Technology​ 
  • Emily Vogt, Transformation​ 
  • Angie Williams, Transformation​ 
  • Katie Kenny, HR Team Lead, Finance & Administration​ 
  • Kelly Frett, Executive Sponsor, Leadership​ ​​​​

The Inclusion Council kicked off their first meeting on September 16th. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this group together and to elevate this important work that so deeply supports our shared vision.